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13 Plus Common Entrance Science Tutors for Every Pupil | Ace your CE at 13+ with Ostado

The 13-plus Common Entrance Exam (or CE at13+) is held by the end of year 9 when the pupils are 13years old. British schools use the test results to see if the pupils are eligible for enrolment. In other words, when pupils complete Key Stage 3, the first part of Secondary School, they take the Common Entrance Exam to enrol in Key Stage 4. This school entrance examination comprises three integral parts: Maths, Science, and English. Of course, some schools might require taking extra tests like History or Modern Foreign Languages. Some prestigious schools, especially in London, design the tests themselves (School Set Tests), but the Independent Schools Examinations Board (ISEB) designs the tests for most schools.

Science is one of the challenging parts of the Common Entrance Exam, especially in School Set Tests, which are more complex than ISEB tests. There are several ways to get past this critical stage in children's education, but the tried-and-true solution is to get help from a science tutor. Ostado's Science tutors are ready to help KS3 students prepare for the school entrance exam by providing step-by-step and customised guidance.

The importance of the 13-plus examination

First, admission into good schools paves the way for future academic and professional success. Excelling in the Common Entrance Exams allows students to receive a high-quality education and find a favourable career. 

Second, the entrance school test prepares the students for GCSE and A-level qualifications, which, in turn, determines their chances of entering university. 

The third significance of the school entrance exam papers is that they indicate the student's abilities and potential. The exam result can also be used to evaluate the student's critical thinking and problem-solving skills. 

Lastly, the student becomes confident and motivated to keep up the hard work by succeeding in the entrance exam. In contrast, poor performance discourages them from continuing their education and can negatively alter their direction in life.

What subjects are covered in the 13-plus science exam?

The science test in the 13+ CE exam assesses the examinee's knowledge of three main scientific disciplines: biology, chemistry, and physics. Test takers must be ready to answer questions about cells, organisms, humans, animals, and plants. Regarding chemistry, the test includes questions on the state of matter, elements, compounds, and chemical reactions. Finally, the questions on physics are about motion, energy, forces, light, and sound. In addition, the test can come in various formats, but it typically comprises a mixture of different question types, i.e., multiple choice, short answer, and extended writing. 

How do you prepare for the 13-plus science exam?

The first thing you must do as students is take school science lessons seriously and listen attentively when the teacher explains the scientific concepts. You need to focus on what the teacher says and follow their steps to understand the basics of the subject. The next thing is practising what you learn. Since this is probably your first exposure to these scientific topics, you must keep practising and revising them. Additionally, you can ask for feedback from your teachers or classmates. You can also benefit from online supplementary materials and watch educational video clips on YouTube. Finally, you can review previous exam papers or participate in practice exams to familiarise yourself with the test format, question types and themes.

However, sometimes the lessons taught at school are not explained well or, for one reason or another, you do not understand the concepts well. This can be due to distractions, peer effect, insufficient practice, the teacher's teaching style or your unique learning style. Under these circumstances, hiring a private KS3 science tutor is the best alternative. They can help you find your way to your desirable senior schools. Tutors can also guide you in other subjects, including Maths, English, and Modern Foreign Languages.

Does my child need a tutor?

To understand whether your child needs tutoring in science, you should consider several factors. One factor is your child's performance at school, particularly in science classes. If the grades are low or the child is not interested in the subject, hiring a science tutor is the right choice. You can also ask the school board about your child's performance and see if they need a tutor. Another factor to consider is your kid's personality. Hiring a private tutor is a viable option if they learn more effectively in a quiet place far from peer pressure or have a particular learning style. Finally, suppose your child's performance is acceptable, but they perform poorly in stressful situations like examinations. In that case, you can hire a science tutor for a few sessions to instil confidence in your child and prepare them for the exam.

In-person vs online tuition

In-person tutoring allows for a more personal touch and decreases the effect of distracting factors as the students are in a one-on-one session with the tutor. It also helps the tutor observe the student's non-verbal reactions and benefit from hands-on assistance. However, in-person tutoring comes with extra placement and travel fees and costs more time and money. On the other hand, online tutoring is accessible anywhere and anytime, given that the students have access to a reliable internet connection. With online tutoring, students can work with expert online tutors worldwide from the comfort of their own homes. Additionally, online tutoring involves working with many digital interactive tools, which can make the sessions as engaging as in-person sessions.

How can a science tutor help my child?

Hiring a KS3 science tutor is beneficial to your child's educational improvement in many ways:

  • A 13-plus maths tutor can assess your child's mathematical knowledge and identify their strengths and weaknesses. They will start educating your children at their current level and fill in the information gaps.
  • Children have unique cognitive styles, meaning they learn through different channels. Due to the number of students in public classrooms and time restrictions, schools cannot offer personalised online lessons for each student. This can be problematic, especially for students with unique learning styles or conditions. On the contrary, private tutors tailor the online lessons based on how your child learns the best and customise the lessons to make them more engaging for the student.
  • Private tutors not only explain the concepts of Key Stage 3 taught at school, but they also offer additional clarifications when needed. In other words, private Key Stage 3 tutors can provide extra support to their learners.
  • With KS3 science private tutoring, your child receives the tutor's undivided attention. This allows the tutor to monitor your child's performance carefully and provide them with relevant, immediate, and constructive feedback to facilitate and accelerate their progress.
  • Private tutoring gives students a better understanding of the KS3 science concepts than students with limited learning to school lessons. Therefore, private tutors can help students boost theirconfidence and outperform their classmates.
  • As parents, contacting the tutor and finding out about your child's progress is far easier. Tutors can help you play your role in your child's development.
  • Thirteen-plus common entrance science tutors can familiarise the children with the admissions process and illustrate their future if they study hard to keep them motivated.

Meet Ostado's professional 13-plus tutors

Ostado is one of the best online tutoring platforms established to connect private teachers and clients worldwide, especially in the UK. Ostado selects its tutors through a meticulous interview process, requiring them to prove their language mastery and command over the KS3 science subject. Our tutors hold a badge representing DBS and a badge representing QTS).

Our teachers have extensive teaching experience in all proficiency levels and age groups. They personalise the online classrooms based on your child's level, age, needs, and objectives and make learning fun for them. Additionally, they give you immediate feedback on the student's performance and help them learn from their mistakes.

How do I find the best tutor for my child?

Ostado has categorised the tutors into different groups based on the subject they teach, the orientation of their classes, and their tuition. Additionally, you can filter out the tutor list based on the tutor's gender. You have two options to find your child's right 13+ science tutor. The first and easy way is to use the "Find the best tutors" feature on Ostado's home page. By asking a few questions about the subject, the preferred language and the proficiency level, your preferred tuition range, and the timing of the sessions, we list the tutors who best match your preferences. 

The second or manual way is to go to the 13+ science tutor list and choose the tutor you think is the right one for your child. Each tutor has a profile describing their education, experience, and how they can help the students. There is also a short introductory video that will help you get to know the tutor better. 

Feedback and testimonials from clients

Under each tutor's profile, you can read reviews and comments from the tutor's previous clients. These reviews can tell you much about the tutor, their method, behaviour, and other qualities. All this information can help you make an informed decision and bring the best tutoring experience for your children. Moreover, you can contact the tutor via the website's embedded chat box and ask your questions to get to know the tutor better before making the final decision.

How our Common Entrance Tutoring Works

Ostado has kept things simple. You can easily create an account by logging in with your Gmail account. The next thing is to choose the preferred tutor and the date and time of the session. As the tutor accepts your request, you will gain access to the online classroom on the preset date and time. 

13 plus science tutor; final remarks

The science section of the 13+ Common Entrance exam tests students' knowledge of biology, chemistry, and physics at the secondary school level. The science section is an integral part of the 13+ CE exam, and the student's performance on the test affects their future education. Therefore, parents should be aware of their children's performance at school and seek help from a tutor when needed. Ostado's science tutors are well-versed in working with pupils in various subjects, including science. With Ostado, everyone can afford a qualified tutor. Book a session now and check out our quality tutoring service.